Xaxis Brings Greater Control And Flexibility to Audience Buying with Introduction of Affinity Tiers Audience Planning Product

New Tool is Industry’s First to Provide Advertisers with Comprehensive, Strategic Framework for Tapping Surge in Audience-Derived Big Data


Xaxis announces the launch of Affinity Tiers, the industry’s first audience planning tool that enables brands to create more effective audience buying campaigns.  Affinity Tiers offers media planners a comprehensive framework to organize audience data and allocate media spend based on consumer “affinity.”  Affinity refers to the consumer’s proximity to purchase.

Xaxis developed the Affinity Tiers product to improve advertisers’ effectiveness throughout their addressable digital campaigns.  In pilot testing, advertisers have used Affinity Tiers to more than double the effectiveness of their display campaigns.  With Affinity Tiers, Xaxis charts an approach that:

  • Creates a structured data taxonomy to organize the data marketplace
  • Provides budgeting protocols that maximize ROI
  • Links all aspects of execution to vivid audience portraits – data strategy, media tactics and creative

Utilizing the Xaxis data management platform (DMP), advertisers better understand the collective data universe in order to dynamically identify and reach audiences at various “tiers” of affinity.  Advertisers can then seamlessly direct their media buys – across display, online video, mobile and social channels – along these tiers.

“The past year has seen an explosion in data providers, networks and platforms all focused on the proposition of using audience data to direct ads to the most relevant end users,” said Brian Lesser, CEO of Xaxis.  “Affinity Tiers provide a comprehensive and centralized structure that allows brands to better plan and execute addressable media campaigns.  We are shifting the focus from media planning to audience planning and delivering superior results relative to contextual buys and the first generation of audience buys.”

“Xaxis continues to improve and refine its ability to develop and execute successful audience buying programs,” said GroupM Interaction COO John Montgomery.  “With Affinity Tiers, Xaxis introduces a new level of sophistication and control to the demand-side audience buying space, providing media planners with a targeting and prioritization protocol that improves their ability to plan and execute successful, cross-channel campaigns.”

Current Xaxis advertisers can upgrade to Affinity Tiers immediately and at no additional cost.  Once upgraded, advertisers will have access to Affinity Tiers audience plans, performance reporting and attribution analyses through the Xaxis DMP.

Please reach out to your Xaxis Engagement Manager or Account Manager for more information.