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Case Studies

Increasing Reach Via Online Video

European Gourmet Food Company


Bolster TV spend with incremental reach via online video.  Display cost-effective power of online video to drive massive net reach of target audience while also increasing effectiveness of TV campaign.

  • Reach females age 30-59
  • Efficiently increase audience reach with online video
  • Pinpoint competitive advantage of combining online video and TV


Utilize impactful online video formats and precise targeting techniques to efficiently reach target audience. Effectively increase the net reach of traditional TV campaigns with targeted online video.    

  • Utilize various video formats including pre- and mid-rolls
  • Create advanced audience targeting parameters
  • Combine online campaign with TV initiatives

Results & Learnings

Delivered a significant increase in reach and awareness, improving effectiveness of overall campaign.  Online video drove increased reach more than additional ineffective TV-only spend.

  • Identified target audience and grew total net reach by 10%
  • Delivered increased reach via online video at a savings of over 84% of TV spend
  • More precisely allocated budget, minimizing waste and improving brand awareness
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Continually Engaging Users with Brand Portfolio

Leading CPG Beauty Brand


Reach target audience and drive increased engagement across entire brand portfolio with sophisticated “always-on” strategy.  Identify audiences with the right consumer mindset and introduce sequential product variant ads based on engagements across the portfolio.

  • Reach females age 18–49 fitting the psychographic profiles for products within the brand portfolio
  • Re-engage with audiences previously reached by the primary variant ad
  • Increase unique users graduated from primary variant ad to the subsequent variant levels


Leverage creative sequencing capability to deliver the appropriate ad to the target audience.  Layer in user-level insights to identify and validate engagement with the brand portfolio.  

  • Qualify users based on their psychographic profile and previous ad interactions
  • Implement universal frequency control on a daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly basis
  • Graduate consumers through sequential creative messaging based on engagement

Results & Learnings

Delivered increased engagement from target psychographic profiled audiences.  Creative sequencing of ad messages created a continuous brand conversation with consumers.

  • Graduated over 70% of targeted users to the second level of product variant ads.
  • Identified select entertainment and women’s interest content environments with most engaged audiences
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Eliciting Response from Consumers Pan-Regionally

Leading Technology Company


Consolidate direct response initiatives across six countries to deliver the lowest possible cost per acquisition (CPA) through optimization.                                                                                       

  • Target small to medium-sized businesses and IT professionals in Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, India and South Africa
  • Drive customers to advertiser website
  • Identify and maximize opportunity amongst select, niche audiences


Leverage advertiser website data to provide insightful planning tactics and create consistent publisher strategy.  Partner with select publisher entities that specialize in niche audiences to maximize audience response.

  • Test frequency-to-conversion rate to find optimal cap and maximize reach
  • Utilize exchange inventory via Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Optimize to CPA across ad networks and exchanges

Results & Learnings

Delivered on response initiatives across all six countries.  Centralized tracking-enabled insights and optimization to produce lower CPA rates.

  • Over 65% of conversions were captured within a frequency of four
  • Display and search operated in a complimentary fashion for improved performance
  • Discovered both frequency rate and day of the week that drove most conversions
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Leveraging Cross-Channel Data to Drive Performance

Quick Service Restaurant


Reach target customers effectively to drive daily, per store online orders with significant cost efficiencies.  Build upon previous successes and evolve further with even more innovative targeting methods and inventory sources. 

  • Reach busy moms age 25-54
  • Reduce site and partner overlap to decrease waste
  • Drive incremental orders and increased Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Deliver lower cost per order (CPO)    


Aggregate data across digital media channels to create more actionable insights.  Create and test a strategic portfolio of over 50 partners and innovative technology and drive enhanced targeting based on the insights.  

  • Leverage attribution analysis to optimize to top performing partners
  • Utilize lapsed user cookies on exchanges with Real-Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Optimize strategic partner portfolio to provide dynamic mix of targeting tactics, audience and reach

Results & Learnings

Tracking orders across channels with single cookie powered unparalleled insights for better optimization based on a deeper understanding of performance.

  • Delivered true view-through insights for conversion valuation
  • Cross channel attribution reports powered overlap insights enabling cease of overpayment of 5% of total budget
  • Beat aggressive CPO goal, decreased CPO 30%
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