Artificial Intelligence

The right data. Marketing science expertise. Best-in-class AI technology. That's how we help brands achieve the outcomes that really matter to their business.

We are leaders in programmatic AI

AI training is mandatory for every employee. Our global network of AI experts are ready to guide you through the best application of technology for your digital media campaign, and articulate how and why the solution is more effective and efficient.
AI helps get greater value and stronger outcomes from your digital media investments. We use AI to:
  • Process and integrate multiple data streams
  • Make thousands of split-second bidding decisions
  • Dynamically predict performance and adjust investment
But to be truly effective, AI needs to be deployed by people who know how to use it. Our data and marketing scientists work with the AI to:
  • Define the parameters and conditions of success for your business
  • Develop algorithmic models that meet your unique goals
  • Unearth strategic, actionable insights to improve outcomes over time

What is Copilot?

Copilot is a Xaxis-built AI technology that optimizes digital media investments towards real business outcomes. Copilot makes thousands of data-driven decisions on top of the DSP to optimize your media spend based on specific parameters set by experienced AI engineers.

Why Copilot?

Automate and streamline your bidding and investment decisions
Be more data-driven by utilizing all of your data to help you develop more effective
Customize your plan to align your media strategy with your business goals
Get faster results and improve performance in real time
Be more efficient with every media dollar
Find new insights with every campaign through test-and-learn strategies

Want to learn more about Artificial Intelligence in Advertising?

Read our whitepaper or reach out to one of our AI specialists.