Innovation Awaits

Working for Xaxis combines world-leading expertise in data sciences, AI and client leadership with a truly entrepreneurial spirit all while being part of the world’s leading creative transformation company, WPP.
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Culture is Key

We are proudly inclusive, innovative, curious, collaborative, accountable, and global.

With offices across 47 countries globally, Xaxis fosters a culture of community that encourages our employees to network, bond and learn from one another, while having fun doing so.
Diversity and inclusion are central to our culture. We seek to cultivate a work environment where diversity of experience and background informs decision-making and drives innovation.

Our commitment to inclusion involves the promotion of flexible, accessible and welcoming workplaces that value and celebrate individual differences and where all employees experience a sense of community and can achieve their full potential.

Xaxis gives back

Giving back is an important component of our company culture. The team looks forward to partnering with different organizations that provide us with fun and fulfilling ways to benefit and support our communities.

Inspiration is infinite

At Xaxis, we offer opportunities to inspire and grow professionally and personally through education, networking, mentoring and more. We believe that all employees should feel equipped with the tools to better themselves in and out of work. Between our X-Women encouraging empowerment and equality, to our thrive days and training sessions, we aim to amplify inspiration and development for all our people.

Learn more about the diverse and talented group of people we work with every day.

Akama Davies

Director, Global Solution and Innovation 

Lisa Guo

Managing Director
Xaxis China

Daniel Henriksen

Head of Outcome Media Planning

Asha Nair

Managing Director
Xaxis Malaysia

Our Values

Regardless of the distractions, we focus on the vision and get the job done.
Everyone is welcome and has a role to play in our success.
We are always looking to improve what we do, however challenging.
We don’t wait to be told, we do it.
We aren’t just in it for ourselves and our own gain, but for the greater good.

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