Who is Xaxis?

Asha Nair

Managing Director
Xaxis Malaysia

Asha Nair

What 3 things make you unique or different?

I’m Malaysian born and bred, I’m a NLP Masters Practitioner and adopt it in my daily life, and I believe music is the best way to communicate when you are lost for words.


What’s important to you when it comes to feeling included and part of Xaxis?

That everyone is treated with respect for their gift of individuality regardless of hierarchy, and this is a culture that is driven within our organization – essentially we are family and have each other’s back.


Describe a time when you felt most able to bring your whole self to work?

I honestly feel privileged to experience this every day – being able to be my best self with a team that is united and focused in our cause. I especially like the days where I get to spend time mentoring and coaching people to be the best that they can.

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