Who is Xaxis?

Daniel Henriksen

Head of Outcome Media Planning

Daniel Henriksen

What 3 things make you unique or different?

Authenticity, Candour and Reliability. I attempt to always being my real and true self, being open and honest in all situations, and being reliable and live up to my promises.


What’s important to you when it comes to feeling included and part of Xaxis?

It is important to me that all voices are heard regardless of role or position. That we all work as a team with a common goal. And, that we all have the chance and opportunity to pursue our personal passions and interests.


Describe a time when you felt most able to bring your whole self to work?

Every single day – where the entire office is accepting of my hummingbird personality, always moving around, changing desks and humming at odd times when I feel it is a bit too quiet.

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