Who is Xaxis?

Vivian Nantembe


Vivian Nantembe

What 3 things make you unique or different?

I transferred from London with another GroupM company to move to NYC, it helped me refine and evolve as a person.

I have lived and worked in a few different countries including Kenya, Egypt, and Spain.

I really enjoy learning new things and am constantly seeking out new learning opportunities – will try something once.


What’s important to you when it comes to feeling included and part of Xaxis?

That everyone I interact with feels comfortable to bring their most authentic self to work and encouraged to do so every single day.


Describe a time when you felt most able to bring your whole self to work?

The first time I attended an X-Diversity event (2 weeks into my role), not only I was able to meet other colleagues that have a common interest and passion for recognizing and celebrating women, I was astonished by the open dialogue between everyone in the company despite their gender, background or position. It was amazing to see a company support these kinds of events and conversations.

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