Xaxis Spain, 2018

AI Optimization Wins Skechers Club Members


The Skechers team had a goal not only to sell sneakers, but to get new members to sign up for the Skechers Club. The new members must register to the club via a form on the Skechers Spain website. The Xaxis team tested the in-house AI solution, Copilot, to optimise toward a lead, and compared results to previous campaigns that worked without Artificial Intelligence support.

In an effort to get new members to the Skechers Club sign up, the Xaxis team negatively targeted those users that were already members. A Copilot strategy focussed on retargeting optimisation was utilised to get the attention of potential clients returning to the Skechers site to try and convert members.
Copilot’s algorithms achieved a more competitive CPL whilst also improving the conversion rate performance. The test flight helped add 743 new members to the Skechers Club.
Improvement in conversion rate
-81% CPL
Reduction vs. previous campaign

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