Xaxis Mexico, 2019

Programmatically Boosting Appetite for Domino’s


The Xaxis team was tasked to develop a new and scalable programmatic strategy for Domino’s based on the analysis of traffic and conversion patterns on their e-commerce site. The main goal for media buying was to reach the lowest possible Cost Per Online Order (CPOO) for visitors who reached the site’s “thank you” page.

Machine learning and data-driven intelligence were used to build automated bidding strategies that optimize based on Domino’s site behavior. We analyzed how far in the site conversion funnel visitors had been along with the average time lapse between the first website visit and the final conversion. Both retargeting and prospecting strategies were used.
Results were significantly improved on all KPIs with an average CPOO decline of 71% and a total of 159,205 online orders in five months, that represent 36% of all Domino’s digital strategy results.
Online orders
$1.47 USD
Cost per online order, with a goal of $5

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