Xaxis, US, Q4 2018

Trigger-Before-the-Trigger Audiences Drive Record Breaking Deposits For Bank


A leading online bank needed to efficiently use digital media to drive account openings and high value deposits. The bank had a sophisticated CRM dataset, which it managed within Adobe Audience Manager (AAM). The bank wanted to use its CRM data to build better predictive audiences, identify triggers to personalize messaging, and ultimately convert high value leads into customers across a portfolio of online banking, credit, lending, financing, and wealth management products and services. The campaign’s success was measured based on deposits per marketing dollar (DPM).

The Xaxis team worked closely with the client to enable a bidirectional data flow between AAM and [m]insights, Xaxis’ proprietary audience DMP, in order to build and activate custom audience segments. Xaxis created trigger-before-the-trigger predictive audiences by identifying the behavioral patterns that were leading indicators of in-market behavior. This allowed the bank to reach high value customers before the competition. The client was also able to uncover unique insights about its customers and leads by indexing its CRM data against [m]Insights audiences. The team used Copilot, Xaxis’ proprietary AI technology, to build a custom optimization strategy to drive conversions for the bank.
Xaxis delivered record-breaking results for the bank: The Xaxis campaign overall delivered $315.89 DPM (58% higher than $200 DPM goal) Of the Xaxis targeting tactics used on the campaign, Retargeting and Trigger-before-the-trigger audiences garnered the highest DPM: Retargeting drove a $3,409.33 DPM (~17X goal) Trigger-before-the-trigger drove a $485.79 DPM (~2.4X goal) 5.2% of total December account deposits made by new customers were attributed to Xaxis-run media
More deposits per marketing dollar
of total deposits attributed to Xaxis

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