• Leverage a data-driven approach.

    A retailer looking to sell their fall collection online tapped Xaxis. To do this, they wanted a strategy based on ads and placements that had been proven effective in the past.

  • Increase online sales.

    For the month of August, the retail client needed to boost sales of fall clothes online. To do this, the team needed to leverage seasonality, audience, and strategic placements.

  • Understand the user’s path to purchase.

    The retailer, hoping to increase sales of its fall collection, needed a better picture of how consumers were purchasing clothes on their site. These insights would inform their strategy.

  • Approach

    Build custom analytics.

    Every event the customer experienced before converting was tracked to inform the campaign. This included ad exposures and pages viewed. The team stored this information in the Xaxis Data Management Platform, including cross-channel activities.


  • Tapped high-performing, data-driven ad placement tool.


    Clients took advantage of the Xaxis real-time bidding product, which delivered over 68 million unique users and 60% of total impressions out of 14 ad networks working for the client. Further, the ads placed through the real-time bidding network resulted in a conversion volume of 45%.


    Conversion volume
  • Multiple-exposures led to sales.


    The ads reached a wide audience and seeing multiple ads led to conversions. Also, spikes in overall reach occurred once a week throughout August, topping out over 101,000.


    Weekly reach
  • Increased conversion.


    Most readers bought the retailer’s clothes online on the weekends after multiple exposures to the ads. For one of the retailer’s brands, the ads shown continued to drive conversion up to 17 days after readers viewed the ads.


    Day consumer recall