• Find account holders with smartphones.

    When a financial services company launched an app, Xaxis knew there was an enormous opportunity to market to a highly receptive audience: account holders who were already banking on their smartphones via the mobile web site. This target was the most likely to download and benefit from the app, so the team focused on this segment.

  • Drive downloads of a financial services app.

    A financial services company tapped Xaxis as they launched their app for consumers. They hoped to prompt their current account holders to download the app and start banking on their smartphones.

  • Keep cost per click low.

    When a financial services company revealed their new app, they needed to engage consumers efficiently and effectively with a low cost per impression (CPM).

  • Approach

    Serve mobile ads to account holders.

    Xaxis broadcasted the app launch to account holders via mobile ad placements in varying sizes. This way, customers were already on the device to make the download: their smartphones. Given the range of smartphones, the team needed to serve the ads on all mobile browsers. So, Xaxis isolated which browsers users were loading and leveraged Xaxis inventory to serve ads to account holders using an iOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows devices.


  • Smartphone audience engages with app.


    For a comparison study, Xaxis ran desktop display ads in addition to the mobile ads. When the Xaxis Insights report analyzed the clickthrough rate (CTR) in order to gauge the success of the program, they found mobile outperformed desktop and validated their strategy. A total of 7.8 million mobile ad impressions were served.


    Mobile impressions
  • Increased downloads of mobile banking app.


    The message spread quickly to a large-scale audience with thousands of mobile ad impressions. Plus, the interested cardholders responded to the mobile ads with a high clickthrough rate (CTR).


    Mobile impressions
  • Low cost per click.


    As Xaxis had predicted, the mobile ads soared over the rate of desktop ads, performing 262% better. Throughout the flight, Xaxis continued being diligent in the use of efficient media.


    Mobile over desktop ads