• Raise Brand Awareness

    Using data to accurately reach a specific target audience is what Xaxis is best known for in the industry. Therefore, when an automotive client came to Xaxis needing to raise brand awareness, interest and consideration among their target demographic, the Xaxis team had the technology in place to make these goals a reality quickly.

  • Reach a Target Audience Over the Age of 25

    When an automotive client wanted to reach an audience of consumers aged over 25, with a relatively high household income and who were in the market to purchase a car, Xaxis was the right partner. More importantly, the client hoped to drive awareness, interest, consideration and retargeting of their brands.

  • Variety of ad creatives

    Armed with ads that used multiple creatives, types of data, and channels, Xaxis worked with numerous partners to accurately target the client’s specific target audience. Ad creatives included: standard display, rich media, dynamic ads, geo-targeted ads, video, video in-banner, pre roll, mobile, mobile in-stream video, tablet, high-impact units, portraits, billboards, and cross-screen.

  • Approach

    11 national campaigns, over 100 local campaigns

    Xaxis implemented a robust retargeting plan that spanned the digital landscape. Xaxis developed an audience funnel that captured the digital landscape and various tactics that aligned with the specific client conversion types and goals. They used this funnel as a guide to navigate a holistic approach of running media across 11 national and 100+ local campaigns.

    Engagement Retargeting leveraged buckets of users in the Xaxis DMP that had previously interacted with the client’s high-impact creative. Xaxis then ran media against these users utilizing Xaxis Display and Xaxis TV with solid results. Xaxis also retargeted users that had interacted with the client’s YouTube channel with excellent results. Various partner relationships were used to drive different conversion types, engagements, and awareness for the client.


  • Retargeting campaigns showed success.


    Xaxis tracked offline auto sales to an exposed target audience against a geo-normalized control, which resulted in an almost 300% lift in sales against the exposed users. 


    Lift in Sales
  • Increased sales among the target demographic.


    The optimizations provided by Xaxis yielded significant results for the client.  Xaxis run media yielded higher engagement rates and lower CPA’s than other partners on the plan.


    Lift in Sales
  • Run an efficient video- based campaign.


    The Xaxis team tested approximately 50 networks, sites and data partners in 1 year. The TV Extension partnership ran media through several video partners and saw engagement rates averaged above 0.20% while completion rates yielded upwards of 70%.


    Tested Networks, Sites and Data Partners