• Drive online sales

    A clothing retailer sought to drive online sales with an efficient cost per acquisition while maximizing revenue per order. For Xaxis, this required defining and reaching a highly precise audience that was not only likely to buy, but likely to spend more money per order than the average shopper.

  • Drive online sales

    Back-to-school is an important time for student-oriented retailers. A popular clothing retailer wanted to increase online sales of their back-to-school items for the late summer/early fall sale. 

  • Approach

    Turbine generates audience models

    Leveraging Turbine, the Xaxis platform for audience creation, Xaxis constructed an audience model predictive of future transactions seeded from the client’s recent online shoppers. 

    By using only the highest spending customers as the prototype for the model, Xaxis was able to target customers with a higher probability of larger order values.


  • Employing the custom segmentation built in Turbine, Xaxis achieved more efficient CPA and higher revenue than 3rd party audience providers and performance ad networks alike.


    Xaxis beat the competition, delivering lower CPO and higher ROI:


    - 41% lower CPA than 3rd party data provider
    - 34% lower CPA than performance ad network
    - 52% higher ROI than performance ad network


    lower CPA than 3rd party data provider
  • The clothing retailer enjoyed strong back-to-school sales and new models of audience prospects based off of a seed audience of the highest value shoppers. 


    lower CPA than performance ad network