• Identify the SUV audience.

    Only ad formats that focus on building awareness would be deployed for the campaign. Xaxis served the high-performing video ads in addition to the client’s display ads to both current site visitors and potential drivers. In addition, Xaxis used search retargeting to make certain that SUV drivers who searched for the auto brand online also saw the client’s relevant display ads. 

  • Build awareness of the SUV model.

    When a German SUV Manufacturer needed to promote their model and get drivers to their site, they turned to Xaxis. Xaxis had a reputation for its proficiency translating audience development leads into key insights. This expertise in pinpointing audiences and marketing was the skill set the automaker required to find their audience online.

  • Increase media efficiency.

    From a marketing perspective, the people most receptive are those who currently own an SUV. In order to use the media efficiently, Xaxis needed to not only find the audience, but also scale it. 

  • Approach

    Create an audience profile of drivers.

    With this in mind, Xaxis was determined to create a portrait of the average SUV driver. So, the team analyzed what the interests and demographics of current visitors were. They then used this to create a portrait of current SUV drivers in the Xaxis Data Management Platform. A larger, more receptive audience was built by finding other drivers who shared the audience’s interest. Having this range of engaged customers and potential customers with inferred interests also built out Audience Tiers. 


  • Identified the SUV audience.


    Xaxis used the Audience Tiers to market differently to customers who were highly engaged with the brand (purchasing SUVs, visiting the site), partially engaged with the brand (searching online, intending to visit) or had inferred interest in the brand (who has traits matching customer portrait or has similar interests).


    Higher awareness
  • Increased awareness of the car model.


    The automaker was able to spread their message to a bigger audience. At the campaign’s end, 81% of the SUV-driver target heard about the model via the video and display ads.


    Higher awareness
  • Increased efficiency of CPA.


    Key for the client was the dramatically low cost per acquisition (CPA), which was 36% lower than the automaker’s CPA at the time.


    Lower CPA