• Leverage the highest-performing places and spaces.

    For Xaxis, efficiency is at the core of a successful campaign. The team knows there is a difference between executing a good program and a great program. So, they carefully culled through existing best practices to ensure the major U.S. Credit Card client’s media dollars worked as hard as possible to intro their new credit card.

  • Drive site traffic.

    A major U.S. financial services company announced a new consumer card to start the year. This credit line was best suited for men and women 25-55 years old who had built their credit with other cards or who had recently made a life change and they needed to get that audience to their site.

  • Build awareness of a new consumer credit card.

    The first step in building awareness for the major U.S. credit card was identifying the right target. That’s why the team needed to create an audience target of both competitive cardholders, and new homeowners, newly employed or new parents. To connect with this target, Xaxis was brought on as a proven expert in digital, scalable campaigns with bottom-line results.

  • Approach

    Run ads in the most valuable media placements.

    To launch the campaign, Xaxis proposed the latest value-proven online ad inventory: digital radio. Digital radio has increased by 20 percent each year, and eMarketer expects it to hit $1.6 billion by 2015. With such strong numbers and a wide audience, Xaxis announced the launch via first-to-market digital radio programmatic buying on Xaxis Radio and awareness-building formats such as Xaxis TV and Xaxis Premium.


  • Performance-driven strategy yields success.


    By tapping into the Xaxis Premium exclusive collection of publishers, the client could run their display ads in the most valuable placements including audience-verified, above-the-fold or homepage units. In the end, the media that worked hardest was Xaxis Radio with a 4.4x awareness lift compared to the online ad campaign.


    Awareness lift
  • Greater engagement on site.


    The awareness media drove potential cardholders to the client’s site where they engaged with multiple pages during their visits. The strategic combination of Xaxis Premium display ad formats, Xaxis Radio and Xaxis TV drove significant business results including a 148% lift in awareness, and its ability to increase ad recall initiated user-searches and site visits.


    Higher awareness
  • Higher awareness via reach.


    Compared to the baseline network ads, the client’s campaign with Xaxis had a 330% increase in reach. This gave the client an enormous performance spike. The strategy even outperformed successful homepage takeovers on news/finance-driven sites like and and new units like IAB Rising Star ads.


    Increase in reach