• Reach an audience who has moved to new media.

    To do this, Xaxis needed advanced algorithms that analyze the audio waveform of the car buying/selling platform’s TV spot and a unique identifier/fingerprint is given to each spot. This way, the TV commercial could be recognized in real-time upon airing and build awareness.

  • Build awareness of the site to buy and sell cars.

    Our client is a well-known used car buying and selling platform. The online car market is highly competitive online and the client wanted to increase their awareness and footprint within the audience.


    Traditionally, they advertise heavily on TV. Because of the broad audience, TV was the most economical medium.

  • Reach an 18-34 year old audience who TV did not reach.

    Due to shifts in media consumption, attention for TV and consequently TV spots suffer from the use of second screens. Especially in the 18-34 age group. The attention of the users is increasingly focused on second screens such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. It is exactly during the commercial breaks on TV that second screen usage peaks. As much as 18-36% of people do this of which 53% no longer zaps away on TV.

  • Approach

    Build a system that synchs TV and tablet ads.

    The team customized third-party technology to recognize the car buying/selling platform’s spot on TV real-time and send out a “start” trigger to the second screen campaign within two to three seconds after airing. This trigger was also custom developed for Xaxis. So when people miss the GRP on TV, the client can reach them on their second screen. Per campaign sync, the team planned high display volumes in a timeframe of five minutes without a frequency cap in order to gain high impact and drive recognition and awareness.


  • Impressions served on tablet.


    Xaxis delivered second screen inventory in sync with the TV spot during heavily watched commercial breaks in primetime. In addition, most impressions were served on a tablet, given that’s the alternate screen of choice.


    Additional reach
  • Increased reach.


    For a limited additional budget the team was able to deliver very accurate and impactful second screen campaigns, synced with TV spots. Plus, the campaign even realized additional net reach of 15% for the campaign.


    Additional reach
  • Highly cost effective campaign


    The team was able to access substantial Facebook inventory through FBX for a very low eCPM.


    Additional reach