• Use an insights-driven approach to boost efficiency.

    The client, a leading online travel-accommodation site, prompted the team to limit media spend and experiment with strategies to identify the most effective methods. So they looked to optimize and benefit from economies of scale.

  • Drive hotel-room bookings online.

    When a leading online travel-accommodation site needed to increase reservations, they tapped Xaxis. The site has rooms in over 60,000 hotels worldwide, and Xaxis was the right partner to get the word out with a results-driven approach.

  • Build awareness while keeping a lower cost per acquisition (CPA).

    The client needed to get the word out about their online travel-accommodation site. But earlier campaigns for the client resulted in a high spend for a low return. So the client required a decrease in CPA in order to make the campaign a success, and turned to Xaxis for audience-driven insights.

  • Approach

    Place ads when tourists are booking and where they’re looking.

    Xaxis tapped its Data Management Platform (DMP) to determine what season tourists book hotel rooms. Upon discovering that most stays are reserved mid-month, Xaxis used this insight to pace the media spend and run more ads during these times. In addition the team leveraged real-time bidding on exchanges and third-party audience data so the ads would be shown to the right tourists and avoid wasting impressions on people not traveling.


  • Insights drove the cost per acquisition (CPA) down and traffic up.


    The campaign data was the turning point, resulting in more revenue and more efficiency. That’s why the client has renewed the Xaxis program with a 5x budget to expand it in the next year.  


    Budget increase for renewed campaign
  • Surpassed bookings goal by 17%.


    This exceeded expectations and the cost per acquisition (CPA) went down even further to 15% below the target by the end of March. And because of the efficient media play, the strategy beat the bookings goal.


    Over bookings goal
  • Reduced cost per acquisition by 15%.


    The client was firm about creating a more effective campaign. And the team was committed to delivering. Week over week, the CPA reduced by 10% on average, consistently falling towards the target.


    Reduced CPA