• Track patterns in users who place orders online.

    Xaxis has a proven track record of increasing e-commerce. And the quick-service food company needed to tap into their intelligent application of data and technology. To do this, the team would need to construct vivid Audience Portraits and drive real, attributable results online.

  • Increase website sales.

    To make their online marketing work harder for the bottom line, a quick-service food company tapped Xaxis.

  • Make media more effective.

    There’s no limit to better. Especially for a quick-service food company who depends on strong online sales year after year. Coming off of two successful site optimizations for the client, the team at Xaxis set out to find hungry customers who were more likely to place orders.

  • Approach

    Target people more likely to place an order.

    Hungry customers navigate the client website in a certain way. The goal was to uncover that pattern and bring more people with purchase intent to the site. To do this, Xaxis analyzed the current order-placers. This allowed the team to create a portrait of this customer and find more potential order-placers like them. After all, more people placing orders means more revenue. And that lowers the client’s Cost Per Order (CPO). To do this, the team used tags to track:


    -What sites current customers came

    -How many clicks it took them to order

    -What days they ordered on

    -What sites they went to after they ordered

    -The size of their social networks

    -What interests they had based on search histories


    Xaxis analysts used attribution modeling to calculate which customer set ordered the most in a lifetime. The data showed that, on average, the customer represented the behaviors of a working mom with heavy web usage who also shopped for apparel, music and books online. The team found other audiences with similar order histories, cached search visits, social networks and referring sites.


  • Uncovered the order-placer portrait.


    It all starts with data. Data tells us about the customer placing an order. And scaling an audience starts with following one group’s online actions. With this in mind, all the non-identifying tags that we tracked were collected in the Xaxis Data Management Platform (DMP).


    Cost savings
  • Increased web sales.


    Because Xaxis used lookalike modeling, the client could serve messages to people likely to place orders as they were on other sites. The ads reminded them of offers that fit their preferences and ultimately attracted them back to the client website to order.


    Cost savings
  • Media costs were lowered and results were increased.


    More orders equals more revenue. And more revenue means it costs the client less to acquire a customer/order – in this case 25% less by the end of the campaign, a significant savings.


    Cost savings