• Increase customer reach

    A leading automotive brand was seeking for a new avenue to reach customers in an increasingly competitive and crowded space. Xaxis Sync allows advertiser's to reach 'second screeners' as a way to ensure maximum exposure for the client.

  • Exposure to 'second screen'' viewers

    A leading automotive brand evolves in the increasingly competitive SUV market that faces growing challenges from other competitor brands. The client’s objective was to optimise their investments in TV broadcast advertising as more TV viewers switched to second devices during ad breaks. They were interested in a finding a way to reach these ‘second screeners’ so as to continue to maintain exposure to their advertising.  

  • Approach

    Real-time identification of broadcasts was used to prompt purchase of targeted advertising on mobile and tablet devices

    Xaxis delivered synchronised advertising, identifying automatically when the client’s advertisements were broadcast using an audio watermark technology.This approach avoided use of the manual interventions that have traditionally been required for such multi-channel campaigns. Real-time identification of broadcasts was then used to immediately prompt the purchase of targeted advertising on mobile and tablet devices to provide synchronised TV broadcast and digital advertising.


  • For this initiative Xaxis opted for a, innovative programmatic approach which included the following:

    - Encoding the clients TV advertising with an audio watermark

    - ‘Listening’ to TV broadcasting across multiple networks for occurrences of the audio watermark

    - Providing a signal (within seconds) to the Xaxis media platform whenever the watermark was detected, in real-time

    - Purchasing and delivering the clients advertising (video and display) programmatically on mobile devices in real-time and for a set duration (30 seconds)

  • The campaign showed significant impact upon brand awareness with:

    - 6 seconds to deliver the campaign on the second screen

    - 0,25% CTR Higher than local benchmark (0,2%)

    - +300% Lift in Unaided Awareness on Mobile device

    - +75% Lift in Advertising Recall

    +75% Lift in Advertising Recall

    Lift in Ad Recall