• Identify potential coffeemaker gifters.

    When a Swiss coffeemaker wanted to market its single-serve product, Xaxis knew it was all about finding the right audience. In order to find them, the ads needed to be targeted to an audience interested in coffeemakers as gifts. They would have to dig into the Xaxis Audience Discovery platform. 

  • Increase consideration of coffeemakers as holiday gifts.

    As Christmas approached, a Swiss coffeemaker partnered with Xaxis and four online networks to promote their single-serve product as the perfect present. The team knew that Xaxis had a reputation for high-performing online campaigns, especially during this seasonality.

  • Develop an efficient cost per lead.

    The client shared the goal to market a single-serve product to a larger audience while keeping costs low. In order to keep the cost per lead (CPL) as efficient as possible, each ad needed to drive visits to the client’s site.

  • Approach

    Run ads where shoppers are.

    The team found that this audience included 25-45-year-old women who enjoyed entertainment and shopping. And of the entire target, the shopping segment was overperforming. These women, defined by their visit(s) to shopping sites in the last 5-7 days, were clicking on ads most, especially when the ads lived in social content. This resulted in social ads performing almost 100% better than other categories.


  • The Xaxis team found the target audience and determined that social ads were performing so well, likely because they were a ‘me time’ channel – a site users would visit when focused on themself or their inner circle, not work or lifestyle planning. With that knowledge, the team optimized the ads for ‘me time’ channels and increased the overall success.


    A single Xaxis impression had a conversion rate of 0.43%, whereas the conversion rate for a user who had seen a non-Xaxis ad was just 0.12%.


    Higher conversion rate
  • Increased consideration of coffeemakers as holiday gifts.


    The campaign beat the bottom-line goal of making the coffeemakers top of mind, and brought in dollars for the client. Shoppers were buying single-serve coffeemakers during the holidays, just as hoped.


    Higher conversion rate
  • Met CPL goal.


    The campaign not only met the CPL goal, but it produced a conversion rate that was 30% higher than the networks. This shows the value of an insights-driven campaign, especially when compared to others running at the same time.


    Higher conversion rate