• Identify what message is attractive to milk drinkers.

    The key to keeping costs down is relevancy. It’s not about bringing in the most traffic to the site, but bringing the most relevant traffic to the site. It’s about being where milk drinkers are and drawing this key segment of women to the site. So Xaxis would have to leverage audience development strategies that achieve scale without sacrificing a relevant audience.

  • Drive traffic to the milk-flavoring product site.

    Xaxis was tapped to collaborate on a campaign for a milk-flavoring product. The client hoped to find the audience most interested in thappeir product and bring them to the site to learn more.

  • Build awareness efficiently.

    The team needed to drive the target audience (Vietnamese women, ages 25-44) to the client’s website promoting its milk-flavoring product. To do this, multiple media platforms were tapped, including Xaxis, to test effectiveness. The client compared each program to measure which media plans would keep the cost per acquisition (CPA) the lowest.

  • Approach

    Use high-performing media.

    All media is not made the same. By adding Xaxis Premium inventory to the media plan, the numbers skyrocketed. That included impressions, engagement and clickthrough – largely due to the preferred placements and high-value unit sizes of the Xaxis Premium offering.


    In addition, the Xaxis team prioritized reaching as many interested women as possible. However, to ensure no one woman would see the display ads multiple times, they capped ad exposure. These tactics ensured the message would be spread to a large audience without readers getting tired of seeing the same ads.


  • A highly efficient campaign.


    Due to the high-quality audience carved out by Xaxis, the cost per engagement (CPE) was significantly lower. In the end, the client was impressed by the efficient methods used to achieve such a low cost per impression (CPM).


    Of all site traffic came from Xaxis
  • More traffic to the site.


    Showing strong success metrics, 25% of all site traffic came from the Xaxis campaign. This represented almost 2x the original client goal.


    The original client goal
  • Increased awareness.


    Women in the target audience got the message. The Xaxis campaign touting the milk-flavoring product was seen by millions of unique visitors.


    Unique visitors