• Deliver cross-site video ads.

    The digital television advertising network hoped to increase their advertising play by configuring a way to display video ads on both of their networks’ TV and digital properties. 

  • Increase revenue from new sources.

    The digital-television advertising network needed to monetize its media channels by increasing advertising. The best place to start? Its own Facebook and mobile applications.

  • Approach

    Allow advertisers to harmoniously deliver video.

    Video advertising across online, mobile applications and Facebook applications has spiked in the last few years – and will continue to do so. Knowing this, the team tapped Xaxis tools to display cross-channel video ads. In addition, the effective delivery of campaigns was supported by in-depth analytics and reporting and exclusive visibility for brands.


  • Video ads viewed across sites.


    The team delivered advertiser videos across platforms, from catch-up TV site and iPhone application to the digital TV channel’s Facebook application.

    Increased revenue

    From video, mobile and social platforms
  • Increased revenue. 


    By investing in a growth ad media such as video, mobile and social platforms, the digital TV channel saw a greater demand from advertisers, which was reflected on their bottom line.

    Increased revenue

    From video, mobile and social platforms