• Use traditional TV structure as a baseline for online video.

    TV has a wide reach, which is what the client needed. In order to replicate this reach online, Xaxis instituted special frequency capping across all inventory sources so that the average number of impacts was in line with TV analytics. With a deep Web presence, best-practices knowledge and audience development tactics, Xaxis had become known as a leader for this in the industry.

  • Increase awareness of skincare line.

    When a skincare line needed to lift its awareness levels among middle-aged and young women, Xaxis was the right partner. They hoped to spread their message to a wider audience and turned to the audience-development tools made by the global programmatic media and technology platform. 

  • Narrow the audience to 25-54-year-old women.

    The client’s skincare line was aimed entirely at women. So the ads should be too. Xaxis narrowed down the target via its data management platform (DMP) and identified the characteristics the women shared. Upon knowing this, the team found other women who had similar interests and targeted ads to them given their receptivity was likely to be higher based on shared values.

  • Approach

    Leverage beauty video as an awareness booster.

    Xaxis TV was the right tool to help the brand achieve the client’s campaign goals. Online video is a proven way to ensure the target audience remembers advertiser messages. And Xaxis TV allowed the skincare line to put an emphasis on women’s channels in the inventory collection in order to accurately extend the reach of its TV audiences through digital media with zero waste. 


  • Online video shows success.


    The beauty campaign met and exceeded goals, increasing GRPs by 4.5% more than the client requested. 


    Increase in GRP
  • Increased awareness of the skincare line.


    Due to running on women’s channels only, the skincare line got their message across to their target market as hoped. Plus, with awareness-building video units, the brand’s likelihood of acquiring new customers was high at the campaign’s close.


    Increase in GRP
  • Run an efficient campaign.


    The data-driven team lowered costs, making video GRPs through Xaxis TV 22% more efficient than traditional TV advertising.


    More efficient GRPs