• Separate the ads for each featured car model.

    When the automaker client needed to increase the quality of its traffic, Xaxis knew they needed to segment the ads to feature each of the 4 car models. After all, each model appeals to a different audience. So there would be 4 audiences at play during this campaign. By separating the ads, the messages could be single-minded and targeted to the right audience.  

  • Increase the quality of traffic visiting the automaker’s site.

    The client, an automaker, was seeing traffic hit their site – but there was room for improvement. They wanted more engaged visitors who were interested in leasing or purchasing one of their models. To attract this higher-quality driver, the automaker partnered with Xaxis.

  • Target ads to more relevant audiences.

    There are window shoppers and there are purchasers. When an automaker saw most of their traffic simply browsing – and not buying – on their website, they brought Xaxis onboard to drive more purchasers to the website. By increasing the funnel of interested car buyers, the automaker could increase the effectiveness of their website as a revenue generator.

  • Approach

    Find likeminded potential car owners

    Xaxis needed to pinpoint the demographics and behavioral traits of current car owners in order to determine who would be the highest quality to target. The team tapped Xaxis Marketplace to determine these characteristics. Once discovered, the information was used to match with other web traffic in order to scale the audience. This exercise was done for each of the four car-model audiences.


  • Separate ads prove successful.


    By making the messages singular in message, people who were interested in the automaker’s models ended up visiting the site. This meant that the visitors would be more open to marketing messages and be more likely to convert. 


    More page views
  • Attract more relevant visitors to the site.


    By also targeting ads at current site visitors, Xaxis was able to speak to the highest quality audience. The result of the strategic campaign was that the people visiting the site already started making return visits, thereby lifting the quality of the traffic as defined by three metrics:


    1) 100% more page views.     

    2) On average, a 10% lower bounce rate

    3) Up to 60% longer visit lengths


    Lower bounce rate
  • Targeted ads at previous site visitors.


    In addition to bringing new traffic in, Xaxis also brought current traffic back. Another way to find people who were interested in the car models was to talk to the people who were already visiting the automaker’s website. These visitors stayed up to 60% longer on the website.


    Longer site visits