• Leverage data and insights.

    Xaxis knew that they needed to get the developer’s message out to as many gamers as possible. To do this, they needed to push ads out via display and Facebook media. In display media, Xaxis hoped to utilize a universal frequency cap so that no gamer would see the ad more than 3x. This would strengthen the campaign by saving on impressions and eliminating wasted impressions.

  • Increase sign-ups.

    An American video game developer had invested in creating a new online game and was ready to share it with gamers in Southeast Asia. They needed a partner who could deliver sign-ups and a campaign with a strong return on investment (ROI). Midway through the launch, the client sought out Xaxis to deliver on this goal.

  • Build awareness of the new online game.

    A video game developer needed to let worldwide gamers know that their new game launched. To do this, they needed to market to former customers and also find new audiences.

  • Approach

    Message to more gamers.

    Xaxis is accustomed to strategic, awareness-building campaigns. So they instantly knew what to do: leverage high-performing, high-value placements such as above-the-fold units, homepage takeovers and units where heavy gamers are most likely to be. By tapping into the preferred inventory of Xaxis Premium, the awareness of the new game skyrocketed.


  • Data and insights led to new audience.


    Xaxis used insights from the Data Management Platform (DMP) to inform ad optimization. After calculating which creative ads were garnering the most clicks, the team shifted all inventory to the highest performing one. The team also optimized the campaign by daypart to display more ads at times of highest traffic.


    Unique gamers
  • Gamers signed up.


    Xaxis learned that the Facebook ads resulted in the highest percentage of gamers who signed up for the game. And, most importantly, impressions resulted in clicks, which resulted in trials.


    Unique gamers
  • Increased awareness.


    Due to the strategy of getting in front of a mass of new gamers, the ads reached tens of thousands of unique gamers. This unique reach trumped even the performance from competitor networks. And in a cost-effective approach, such a high number resulted in a low cost per impression (CPM) for the client.


    Unique gamers