• 14 campaigns

    A lifestyle client needed to change the way their target audience viewed their brand, so they tapped Xaxis. Focusing on a number of content categories for 14 campaigns, Xaxis needed to build campaigns for brand relevancy with CPA or CPC measurements.

  • Target Middle-Income Customers Ages 50-59

    This lifestyle client needed to target middle-income customers ages 50-59. Each campaign had its own objectives, but the largest campaign (Branding) needed to be measured on Brand Relevancy, while most other campaigns were focused on Cost per Action (CPA) or Cost per Click (CPC). An additional goal was to rebrand the company and change its perception.

  • Optimize Campaigns

    To optimize the campaigns, Xaxis needed to track a brand study to measure brand relevance. Partnering with major TV data inventory specialists, meant that, for Xaxis, gathering engagement statistics was efficient and accurate.

  • Approach

    Leverage a tiered audience approach

    A comprehensive plan utilizing multiple products including Xaxis Places, Xaxis TV and Xaxis Marketplace was put in place. Xaxis leveraged a tiered audience approach, including upper funnel video and rich media tactics, and endemic travel site buys to be in contextually relevant environments and lower funnel mass reach audience discovery, site retargeting and Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Media for efficiency. The team also used 15 and 30 second videos as ad creatives, along with a branded video player, animated creative on photos and in-page 300 x 250 expandable ads across 6 networks.

    Xaxis created a Brand Tracker based on the weekly brand study results and used this tool to measure brand relevance.


  • Established brand relevance with new products.


    After optimization strategies were implemented, Xaxis reported increased results in CTR, a 4% increase in Brand Relevance over the control group, and an 8% increase in Brand image. The campaigns also represented the first use of Xaxis Places, which successfully resulted in increased attendance at a particular event.


    Increase in Brand Relevance
  • Using multiple products led to success.


    The CPC met the client’s KPI goal. The Xaxis Places product was leveraged to promote attendance at an over 50+ event in Atlanta, geo-targeted to street signs, offices, malls, health clubs, and doctor’s offices around the location of the event. 


    Increase in Brand Relevance
  • Increased conversions.


    Video segments used partner data to reach appropriate users when they were watching online video. The rich media expandable units and the image overlays were used to fully engage users with the brand. 


    Increase in Brand Relevance