• Pinpoint previous shoppers and new shoppers alike.

    With expertise in audience development, Xaxis hoped to focus on carving out an audience who was most likely to respond to ads from the home-renovation retailer client. 

  • Increase awareness of brick-and-mortar shops.

    The retailer had an online presence, but wanted to promote its physical stores to their customers: home renovators. To do this, they turned to Xaxis for an intelligent online campaign that would spread their message to a wider audience.

  • Work with an efficient cost per impression (CPM).

    The client, a retailer who hoped to bring customers in store, needed to be strategic with every ad and every dollar. To start, because many home renovators prospect retailers on the weekends, the campaign would only run on Saturdays and Sundays for one month. 

  • Approach

    Find likeminded home renovators.

    For the retailer’s message to be effective, the right audience needed to see it. So, Xaxis used its data management platform (DMP) to pinpoint interested home renovators searching for the retailer, and those who shared interests with previous shoppers, as determined by analytics. 


  • Uncovered old and new shoppers.


    Customers who had bought the client’s tile before were most receptive to messaging. And new home renovators seeking out retailers complemented this group perfectly. Overall, the campaign even received the best result a partnership can have: an extension of the campaign due to its success.


    Unique users
  • Increased awareness of brick-and-mortar shops.


    The strategic campaign hit record metrics. Most importantly, it raised awareness and promoted the retailer’s brick-and-mortar stores to 1.8M unique users.


    Unique users
  • Ad inventory optimized to work efficiently.


    The Xaxis team does not tolerate sub-par performance or waste. That’s why they continually optimized the campaign by removing any inefficient sites that resulted in low clickthrough rates and replacing them with valuable impressions and conversions. This resulted in an efficient campaign CPM.


    Unique users