CES 2017 Preview: Building the Future of Advertising & Retail

Published on December 15, 2016
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For five decades, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been the launchpad for innovation and new technology.
This year, Xaxis will be partnering up with Triad Retail Media for a day-long series at CES entitled “Building the Future of Advertising: Pioneering the Digital Media Revolution" on January 5, 2017. The session will bring together some of the best minds in media and technology with interactive exhibitions and thought-provoking discussions.
Speakers and panelists will explore the transformative effect of data and how it can create wins for consumers, retailers and brands, alike. Topics for the session will include:

  • How targeting the right people at the right time, on the right platforms, can help retailers and brands eliminate wasted advertising budgets while delighting consumers with new chances to engage.
  • How combining layers of first- and third-party data from trillions of interactions — gathered across the open web and walled-garden platforms and normalized via universal user IDs — will allow advertisers to tap new opportunities for cross-channel engagement.
  • How, using dynamic creative optimization, retailers and brands can offer timely, pertinent, on-point messages along a consumer's entire path to purchase, while delivering informative, engaging content within the shopping experience to win incremental sales online and in stores.
  • How, by integrating advances in video with enhanced mobile experiences, brands can provide powerhouse experiences for consumers in nearly any imaginable location.
  • How adding programmatic technologies to inform media buys can empower brands and retailers by enhancing the reach and power of television, with addressable TV technologies and shopper data insights for household-level targeting that improves the effectiveness of every touchpoint.

WPP CEO, Sir Martin Sorrell, and other leaders from GroupMTriadMediacomWunderman[m]PLATFORM and many more will provide specifics on what the future of advertising holds for 2017 and beyond. In addition, experts from Walmart, which helped invent new forms of digital advertising, eBay, Jivox, Videology and MasterCard will also participate at the event.
The exhibitions and discussions will give actionable insights and bring the future closer. You can register here for the interactive exhibition hall, the VIP event “Pioneering the Digital Retail Revolution," and the networking cocktail hour. The future of advertising is closer than you think. Join us to find out why.

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