Closing the gap: New omnichannel research from Xaxis & Catalyst

Published on July 15, 2021
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Consumers have moved seamlessly across screens for years. Have brands finally caught up with them?

More digital transformation happened in 2020 than in the previous decade. The expansion of programmatically available inventory and platforms, the rise of new consumer channels, and the rapid acceleration of ecommerce adoption have converged, forcing brands to reframe their media strategy towards a holistic, integrated approach. But is it easier said than done?

It’s against this backdrop that Catalyst and Xaxis, in partnership with London Research, present Closing the Gap: Adopting Omnichannel Strategies for Stronger Brand-Consumer Connections. This original research report explores where consumers are spending their time and where advertisers are investing their media dollars, revealing opportunities for marketers to close the gap to their consumers using omnichannel strategies.

New data & insights to inform omnichannel strategies

Based on quantitative surveys with U.S. brands and consumers as well as interviews with industry experts from Georgia-Pacific, Clorox, Google, The Trade Desk, GroupM, Seagate, and more, the report explores key areas like:

  • Consumer trends and engagement compared to advertiser approach to search, social, ecommerce, gaming, CTV, DOOH, podcasts, and more
  • Media consumption differences across key demographics
  • Brand mindset and approach to ongoing experimentation and testing into emerging platforms
  • Barriers to adopting omnichannel programs and recommended solutions
  • How budgets are planned and measured against business outcomes
  • The impact of privacy and identity on consumers, advertisers, and omnichannel programs

Key takeaways

Download the report to access the complete research including new insights like:

  • The majority of marketers are moving their audio (59%), OOH (57%), In-Game (56%) advertising from traditional into programmatic buying
  • 18-34 and 35–54-year-old groups are equally likely to use new channels and platforms like Fortnite and Twitch
  • 74% of consumers visit an ecommerce site at least once a week and 56% of marketers are increasing their retail media and ecommerce investment
  • 46% of marketers strongly agree their marketing budget has become more dynamic and real-time based on evolving consumer behavior

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