Programmatic Advertising - A Force for Good

Published on September 22, 2017
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Programmatic - A Force for Good

According to one study, 79 percent of staff in organisations said that the more a company emphasized CSR (corporate social responsibility), the more they wanted to work for that company.
Giving back is something that motivates employees; working to help others increases moral on both a work and personal level encouraging people to go that extra mile to in aid of those less fortunate than they are.
As advertisers, we are in a position to do good and give back more than we think.
At Xaxis, we recently partnered with GlobalGiving  — a crowd-funding platform for non-profits that work with many grass roots charities across the world. Through our people, tech and expertise in the programmatic space we were able to help drive awareness of the charity as a whole and specifically increase donations to one of their key campaigns that supports women and young girls in high risk areas across the world: The United Nation’s “Girl Fund”.
Achieving big things for women and young girls
Using our technology and skills, we raised almost $200,000 from over 4,000 donors across the US and Western Europe. That’s almost a 50% increase compared to the average for women-and-girl campaigns run by GlobalGiving in the past. This money helped to build a school for at-risk girls in Kenya, to educate girls in Afghanistan, support girls and their families in Vietnam, and fund many other vital charities and their projects.

The Xaxis strategy

Through our insights, we defined and activated audiences for two key audience segments: corporate organisations and women.
We built a two-strand campaign strategy, leveraging native advertising to effectively reach these 2 main audience groups at scale.
We designed and optimised our creative specifically to appeal to each audience type based on context, behaviour, demographics, and the best-performing time slots. For example, a consumer reading a piece in The Guardian about women in business might be presented with native advertising themed around women’s empowerment. A reader of Forbes, on the other hand, would be served an advert promoting the benefits of charitable donations as part of a CSR programme. So in a nutshell, we were able to serve GlobalGiving banner ads in the right place, at the right time and at the right place.

Delivering results and giving back through programmatic

During the research phase, we came across the surprising fact that 20% of charities still don’t have any way of accepting online donations and 48% of all charities think that there aren’t enough Internet savvy donors to make online donations worthwhile.
We set forth to help dispel this myth and make the biggest impact possible, helping GlobalGiving to reach even more relevant individuals and groups enabled by our technology which would probably not have been possible before.
GlobalGiving are ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging technology for good. At the end of the campaign, they had gained intelligence which will help them understand and discover their audiences helping them achieve results, whether it be awareness for one of their many grass roots charities that need more exposure or increase donations.
Our methodology is one that can be applied  to increase the efficiency and effectiveness for not just other charities but any other brand that is looking to drive results for their campaigns using programmatic advertising.
Xaxis couldn’t have asked for a better partner in GlobalGiving who is doing so much for so many worthy causes and shows us the power of combining creativity, team work, data and technology.
Check out our video which shows how we worked with GlobalGiving

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