Digital Out of Home: Realizing the Potential

Published on July 23, 2019
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This year, digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is forecasted to capture 40% of OOH ad spending, representing a global advertising spend of $16 billion and making OOH the only traditional advertising category that’s still growing strong.

DOOH offers what is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers: capturing busy consumers’ attention during noisy, media-cluttered days. By combining sophisticated technology with clever content, advertisers can create an emotional and engaging experience for millions.

And because DOOH inventory is now being sold programmatically, the enhanced value of integrating with broader campaigns will make programmatic DOOH the industry standard. To get there, the market needs to make significant improvements.

This report provides a practical and comprehensive guide to understanding and activating DOOH around the globe to help marketers achieve outcomes that matter to their business.

Download the DOOH Whitepaper

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