Episode 3 with Ruth Zohrer Head of Programmatic at Mindshare UK

Published on January 13, 2017
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In our final episode on our 'Future of Advertising' series, we speak to Ruth Zohrer, Head of Programmatic at Mindshare UK about the essential skills future marketers will need.
She explains that the role of the CMO is evolving rapidly. Skills that were essential in the past are still relevant in marketing today, however, more emphasis is now being placed on data which helps companies understand their audiences and produce more impactful, results led campaigns.
The understanding of an audience and how to get a brand to cut through the noise are what Ruth refers to as the 'traditional' skillset that CMO's use. To be analytical, data orientated and comfortable with using technology are the key skill she believes will be needed for the future, stating that the role of the CMO has become a multi-faceted one which integrates information, technology and marketing. That's where the magic happens for a brand.
To find out more on Ruth's thoughts on key skills marketers need now and in the future, see below.

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