The Xaxis Mission

Smart companies are successful because they eliminate the complexities in their services, making it easier for their customers to achieve their goals. In programmatic media – the likely future state of all media – that means all our advances in technology, data, and expertise need to be brought to bear on its biggest challenge: to transform how we think about, measure and deliver against our clients’ real goals. We need a new model for advertisers that is outcome-driven, simple, and accountable. That is Xaxis’ mission.

Xaxis is The Outcome Media Company. We combine unique brand-safe media access, unrivaled programmatic expertise, and 360-degree data with proprietary artificial intelligence to help global brands achieve the outcomes they value from their digital media investments. Xaxis offers managed programmatic services in 47 markets, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Expertos en programática

Nuestro equipo directivo

Nicolas Bidon
Consejero delegado

Nicolas Bidon es el consejero delegado global de Xaxis, responsable de la estrategia global y la cuenta de resultados de la empresa en 47 mercados repartidos por Norteamérica, Europa, Asia-Pacífico, Latinoamérica y Oriente Medio y África. 

Nicolas lleva trabajando en la confluencia de los sectores de datos, medios y tecnología más de 20 años, con estancias en San Francisco, Londres y Suiza. Es un apasionado de su trabajo, consistente en ayudar a las marcas globales a aprovechar al máximo la tecnología de última generación para que sus inversiones en medios digitales alcancen los resultados deseados.

Beth LeTendre
CEO, GroupM Performance US

Beth LeTendre is CEO of GroupM Performance, U.S., overseeing Xaxis, Catalyst, and [m]Platform Services teams. She leads high performing, innovation-driven teams comprising more than 800 performance marketing experts across GroupM. Beth’s focus is on growing GroupM’s specialist performance businesses and scaling best practices in the group’s performance-marketing centers of excellence.

Beth is the co-founder of Catalyst where she served as CEO for 21 years. Catalyst is a search, social, and ecommerce marketing agency. Beth founded Catalyst in 1998 and was instrumental in negotiating the 2006 acquisition of Catalyst by WPP, the world leader in marketing communications services. In 2008, Catalyst was placed within GroupM, where Beth oversaw all of GroupM’s search and social business, consistently driving double-digit growth for the agency and leading Catalyst’s global expansion. Beth’s strategic vision and leadership has been key to the development and launch of Catalyst’s industry-leading and proprietary tools like eShelf and FUSION, as well as Catalyst’s top performance in the 2016 and 2017 Forrester Search Marketing Wave.

Arshan Saha
CEO, Asia Pacific

Arshan Saha is the CEO of Xaxis APAC. In his role, Arshan is responsible for Xaxis’ strategy, operations, and growth. These include client development, trading and partnerships, to providing the best programmatic media solutions across the region.

John Wittesaele

John is an experienced and proven leader in digital media and advertising thanks to his comprehensive knowledge and understanding of programmatic advertising.

As CEO EMEA, John leads Xaxis in 25 markets, formulating strategy and overseeing operations to deliver growth. He is an influential thought leader and frequent expert on topics such as AI and outcome-based marketing, regularly speaking at major industry events such as AdWeek Europe.

Juan Moronvelez
CEO, Latin America

Juan Moronvelez is CEO of Xaxis Latin America. Before joining Xaxis, Juan co-founded an array of diverse software development companies. He worked in different agencies in London before joining Xaxis and was responsible for opening the Colombia Xaxis Office in 2014. He then moved to a regional role in which he forged the different areas that support the company across the region, including trading, client development and partnerships. Juan is an enthusiast of MarTech, data management, and passionate about the outdoors. He has a Bachelors’ Degree in Business and Master’s in marketing. Juan is obsessed with helping brands achieve their goals, leveraging the best available technology and talent.

Laura Probert
Laura Probert
Vicepresidenta global de talento

Laura se unió a Xaxis en febrero de 2016 como directora de talento para EMEA. Al cabo de 12 meses, pasó a ocupar su actual cargo de vicepresidenta global de talento. Laura tiene casi 20 años de experiencia en la dirección de recursos humanos en sectores como el comercio minorista, la tecnología, los servicios profesionales y la publicidad, entre otros.

Foto de Mike Bevans
Mike Bevans
Vicepresidente de soluciones globales

Mike es responsable de dirigir nuestro equipo de producto y de impulsar globalmente la innovación. Tiene más de 17 años de experiencia en el sector del consumo en internet y el marketing digital. Mike trabajó con anterioridad en Yahoo! con funciones de soluciones globales.

Sara Robertson
Global VP, Disruption

Sara Roberston is Global VP, Disruption at Xaxis. She is responsible for challenging the status quo, staying ahead of industry trends and helping to future-proof our business through careful stewardship of long-shot investments and experimental R&D. Sara also manages the development and success of Copilot, Xaxis’ proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Copilot has employed machine learning techniques to optimize 50,000+ digital advertising campaigns across 47 countries, driving double-digit performance improvements for Xaxis clients. Prior to joining Xaxis, Sara managed the streaming and commerce platforms behind thousands of artists at Warner Bros Records, giving her the opportunity to party with rock stars like Metallica, Tom Petty, and My Chemical Romance.

Henry Stokes
MD, Global Clients

Henry is the Managing Director of Global Accounts at Xaxis where he leads a team that delivers programmatic strategy for some of the world’s largest advertisers. He has 17 years of experience in digital advertising and search marketing, and over 8 years in programmatic media.

Henry began his career at MediaVest before joining Mindshare where he ran the IBM and Nike digital accounts. He briefly left in 2005 to set up Circus Street, a consultancy & training business working for the likes of Nestle, ITV, Guardian, and Sky before rejoining Mindshare in 2009 as Head of Digital. In 2011 he moved to Groupm to lead client development for Xaxis UK. After two years of rapid growth, he repeated that success for Xaxis in Asia, successfully rolling out across 14 markets that saw 10x growth in five years.

With a passion for education and training, Henry delivered the digital marketing course for MsC students at the reputed CASS Business School in London. He’s also developed programmatic 101 training for Xaxis APAC.

Silvia Sparry
VP of Global Operations & Platforms

Silvia leads our global business operations team and is responsible for tools and platforms, operations, and technology. She also aligns our global, regional, and local supply path optimization and risk mitigation initiatives related to brand safety, fraud prevention, and data & privacy compliance, adhering Xaxis to the highest standards.

Silvia has been a part of Xaxis for over 5 years. She has a proven track record of driving positive change thanks to her strong vision and leadership skills, ability to pull teams together, and relentless focus on getting things done.

Michel Gagnon
Director ejecutivo global de plista

Antes de unirse a plista, Gagnon trabajó para PwC en Canadá y Alemania. Su último cargo en PwC fue el de gerente de consultoría estratégica en Berlín, asesorando a empresas de tecnología en temas de expansión internacional. También fue miembro del comité ejecutivo del Canada China Business Council y trae consigo muchos años de experiencia en diferentes puestos de estrategia y desarrollo de negocios internacional en Bombardier Inc.

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