Certainty in uncertain times: how programmatic media helps brands drive impact in a turbulent market

Published on October 20, 2022
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In response to the prospect of a uniquely challenging Q4 for advertisers, Xaxis UK has created an insight report addressing how programmatic media can help brands drive impact in even the most turbulent times.

The report gathers the latest views of senior decision-makers from a range of agencies, media platforms, brands and trade bodies, including MediaCom, Mindshare, and Wavemaker.

The report focuses on challenges facing advertisers and their agencies in Q4 and beyond, the unprecedented levels of uncertainty in the marketplace, the extra pressures on media budgets and the role that programmatic media buying can play in helping to:

  • Respond with agility to changing market conditions;
  • Facilitate omnichannel campaigns for more effective cross channel performance;
  • Facilitate flexibility through in-campaign optimization across inventory and creative;
  • De-risk media investments by buying against guaranteed media and/or business outcomes;
  • Offer a test and learn environment to ensure constant optimization of performance

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