We are the pioneers of outcome-driven media, connecting digital media investments directly to real business outcomes.

Media outcomes are digital campaign results that align directly with our clients’ ultimate marketing and business goals. We achieve these goals by jointly defining custom success metrics that connect much more closely to our clients’ real objectives so that every campaign delivers measurable, valuable results.

Brand-safe Media

Our scale and relationships give us unrivaled access to brand-safe media all over the world.


Our dedicated teams of data scientists, strategists, analysts and engineers have been pioneering programmatic planning and buying for our clients since 2011.

360 Degree Data

We combine multiple behavioral, environmental, and contextual data sets to build tailor-made campaign strategies that work.

AI with Copilot

Our Proprietary AI technology Copilot uses machine learning and custom algorithms to optimize against our clients’ specific campaign goals.

Our Artificial Intelligence Powers Outcomes

Artificial intelligence gives us the power to process large data sets to find patterns that a human cannot, automate repetitive tasks, and use custom algorithms to align with client goals while making them repeatable.

This combination of configuration, execution, and analysis helps to outperform competitors and deliver outcomes.

Xaxis Delivers Measurable Results


A leading furniture retailer was evolving its business strategy to focus heavily on e-Commerce. The client contracted Xaxis to run a digital display campaign to boost online sales, with a campaign KPI of $120 CPO (cost per order).


GTB and Mindshare have asked Xaxis to apply our AI capabilities for optimizing our activities towards this outcome.


A Copilot strategy focussed on retargeting optimisation was utilised to get the attention of potential clients returning to the Skechers site to try and convert members.

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