Facing Competition, PHD-Pizza Hut Delivery Use This Strategy

Facing fierce competition in the realm of fast food restaurants (QSR), PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery combines online and offline data.
The programmatic strategy was chosen by PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery to overcome the tight competition in the QSR market. In this way, PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery wants to ensure that each of its marketing strategies only reaches the most relevant creative audience in order to produce transaction outcomes.
However, the problem is that their offline and online consumer data are separate. It is difficult to connect the two because the similarities or differences between the two data sets of their physical and digital shop visitors cannot be seen.
By using Beyond, MediaCom managed to get a lot of insight into the audience from just one programmatic campaign that can be immediately used to develop their programmatic strategy, including strategies to beat major competitors and convey the message they want to display in their dynamic creative.
Alfitrahmat Saputro, digital brand manager, PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery said, "Unlike market research based on panels in general, Beyond can provide audience analysis which all comes from our actual consumer behavior, both consumers from websites and physical stores. The insights and segmentation we get will really help our digital campaign with Xaxis going forward. "
Yunnita Avreda, country head of Xaxis Indonesia said: “We are delighted to be able to work with clients who are very open to new innovations. Because it has many consumers who often interact with brands online, through delivery websites, or offline, through pick-up and take-out services, PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery is the perfect client to run Beyond so that it can bridge consumer data online and offline. "

PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery chose to use Xaxis' Beyond attribution solution as a strategy for the ongoing programmatic campaign with Mediacom and Xaxis. This strategy utilizes the ongoing PHD - Pizza Hut Delievery display campaign so that Beyond can measure the footfall attributions of eleven Pizza Hut Delivery outlets throughout Indonesia.
With current technology, indeed PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery can get offline footfall data from their outlets and online data obtained from GroupM's audience insight platform, namely [m] Insights. However, even using this technology, the two data sets are still separate.
Avreda added, “Many brands have been able to obtain data through their various marketing activities, but Beyond can help various agencies as well as clients to combine this data so that they can get a comprehensive view of the brand audience which will contribute more to the outcome. or transactions more effectively.
After the campaign ended, the Xaxis data analysis team and GroupM Services helped combine, map, and analyze the data obtained.
Some of the insights gained from this programmatic campaign include:

  • By having many data segments, such as frequently visited locations, consumer behavior in the browser, and interest segments drawn from consumer movement data, brands are now able to develop their audience targeting strategies so they can be more targeted and deliver transaction results.
  • By having insights about store and website visitors, PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery can retarget consumers through retargeting campaigns.
  • Existing competitor analysis is also able to help PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery to beat its competitors by targeting consumers who visit competitors more often and directing them to Pizza Hut Delivery.
  • With the presence of consumer persona data obtained from physical and online stores, PHD - Pizza Hut Delivery can re-target their consumers with dynamic creative by using creatives or messages designed specifically for each persona and directing consumers to channels that are relevant to them.

"The results from Beyond have proven to be important and we are sure that many brands in Asia Pacific will also think of this campaign as an example of the importance of understanding technology to bridge discrete consumer data and maximize the audience targeting capabilities that data can provide," said Saputro.
Xaxis Beyond will be available in various countries in Asia Pacific, including Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand.