Huawei’s in-game campaign shows the power of in-game ads — and the importance of measurement

In-game advertising has undergone a renaissance in recent years, with unprecedented numbers of consumers flocking to video games to stay entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic. Advertising measurement standards have not necessarily kept pace with this rapid growth. As in-game advertisements become commonplace, brands and marketers are starting to look at different metrics to gauge their effectiveness.


To take a pragmatic look at the numbers of in-game advertising, Digiday spoke to Huawei and an independent in-game advertising expert to crunch the data on the technology firm’s first in-game advertising campaign, done in conjunction with in-game ad firm Anzu and adtech company Xaxis.


The in-game advertising push was part of a wide-ranging campaign that Huawei kicked off to raise brand awareness and recall among audiences in the United Kingdom. Huawei and its media agency Wavemaker paid particular attention to the performance of the in-game part of the campaign, as it was Huawei’s first time dipping its toes in this relatively new medium.


“This was something new that we were working on together, as opposed to the other parts of the campaign that were a little bit more aligned with what we’ve done in the past,” said Daniela Badalan, a senior marketing manager at Huawei. “Obviously, it’s difficult to understand the impact of this in isolation, after the entire campaign. And that’s why having the measurement specifically for the audience that was exposed to this was really important for us.”