WPP: The Future of Data in APAC Featuring Xaxis' Deepika Nikhilender

In a world of accelerating change, reading and understanding the signals and data people emit has become a critical skill for every business. Data is the essential differentiator to help you become better at connecting your brand with audiences, building relevance and driving business growth.
In this session, WPP shared keynote talks by experts exploring how data and creative are connecting to maximise business potential. We’ll look at the application of new approaches to audience data; the use of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to make the complex digital world simple and usable; the future of influencer marketing; and demonstrate new strategies for driving creative effectiveness in a cookie-less world.
The sessions was followed by a live Q&A discussion moderated by Charlotte McEleny Publisher, APAC at The Drum.

Xaxis Session:

Data & Outcome Driven Marketing:

How machines are revolutionising the achievement of meaningful marketing KPIs The use of artificial intelligence in marketing technology is revolutionizing how we read the various media and consumer signals before and during campaigns, how we test and fine tune the various driving factors of a campaign’s effectiveness and achieve the delivery of multiple conjoint marketing KPIs. We will share with you how this approach is unleashing human potential to focus on campaign strategy while the A.I handles the delivery.
- Deepika Nikhilender, Senior Vice President, Xaxis APAC