• The ad industry has been getting parents all wrong

    Has the ad industry been getting parents wrong? Anand Siddiqui, Senior Director Audience and Product for Xaxis EMEA shares his thoughts on this as...
  • The Modern Traveler - What The Data Really Says

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    Want to know more about the modern traveller and what makes them tick? Emanuela Recalcati, Audience Strategy Director for Xaxis EMEA shares her insights along...
  • Xaxis Brand Safety: How We Protect Your Ads

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    Brand safety is a top concern for brands in 2017. Xaxis maintains an aggressive brand safety practice to protect the integrity of our clients' ads and...
  • The Guide to Viewability (Spanish)

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  • Xaxis Delivers Qualified Credit Card Applicants for BBVA Compass Bank

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    BBVA enlisted Xaxis to run a digital campaign to drive leads for its new line of professional sports themed credit cards. The campaign's success...
  • Xaxis Drives Sales at Efficient eCPA for Leading Coffee Machine Brand

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    The Xaxis team used a variety of tactics to reach the client’s audience, including interest data, purchase data, site retargeting, and...
  • Xaxis Drives Online Sales with Programmatic Creative for Electronics Accessory Client

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    Xaxis built a Programmatic Creative strategy to reach each of the brand’s distinct audiences with relevant, engaging creative executions.
  • Xaxis EMEA Hackathon

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    16,000,000 data points crunched30 Hackers8 countries2 winners1 awesome day…Yes, it’s the Xaxis EMEA Hackathon! On Friday 17th Feb, Xaxis EMEA ran...
  • Is a Super Bowl Ad Still Worth the Money?

    For sports fans and advertising executives alike, the Super Bowl has long been seen as the ultimate touchdown. It has everything – excitement, a huge...
  • Why retail data is going to turbo charge programmatic

    If I had to choose two of my favourite things, they’d be adtech and cycling (I won’t say which order I...