• Xaxis Extends Audience Reach with YouTube Masthead Re-Engagement

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    Xaxis extended a client's branding campaign by re-engaging users who saw its YouTube Masthead creative. The Xaxis campaign delivered a video completion rate (VCR) of 72%
  • Episode 3 with Ruth Zohrer Head of Programmatic at Mindshare UK

    In our final episode on our 'Future of Advertising' series, we speak to Ruth Zohrer, Head of Programmatic at Mindshare UK about the essential skills...
  • The Guide to Viewability

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    The Viewability Challenge: In order to be discovered you must be seen. This is the challenge every brand faces today when using a digital medium to market to consumers.
  • Header Bidding 101: What You Need to Know Now

    For publishers, maximizing ad inventory is a key profit driver. But, with the rise of programmatic advertising, publishers must find new ways to automate inventory...
  • CES 2017 Preview: Building the Future of Advertising and Retail

    For five decades, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been the launchpad for innovation and new technology.This year, Xaxis will be partnering...
  • Xaxis Increases VTR With TrueView

    Xaxis created a strategic plan to reach potential luxury car buyers and deliver strong VTR with TrueView Audience Optimization.
  • Episode 2 with Stuart Mays Commercial Director at Global

    In our second episode of our 3 part series on the future of advertising, we asked Stuart Mays, Commercial Director at Global at the...
  • Technology: Just One Part of Your Marketing Advantage

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    Originally featured on Ad Age, Technology: Just One Part of Your Marketing Advantage, Using the Right Tools Can Supplement Your Brand Strategy -...
  • Programmatic Technology is Transforming the Retail Experience

    Originally featured on Business Insider. Science and technology historian James Burke once said, "Why should we look to the past in order to prepare...
  • The Future of Advertising - Episode 1 with Owen Sagness, VP Northern Europe and CEMEA at AppNexus

    In November Xaxis UK hosted its 3rd annual Xaxie Awards where we interviewed the leading experts in the industry about the “The Future...