• How to Move Beyond Programmatic to Hone in on Consumers

    Originally featured in Ad Age, Get ready for the Age of Programmable Brands: How to Move Beyond Programmatic to Hone in on Consumers.According to...
  • Get Ready For The Age of Programmable Brands

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    Welcome to a new age of marketing - the age of programmable brands! Programmable brands bring the power of programmatic technology to brand advertising.  ...
  • Why Advertisers Should Include Performance Marketing in their Q4 Strategy

    According to new research from Accenture Strategy, the majority of CEO's hold their CMO's most responsible for business growth, and CMO's are...
  • The Xaxis Difference: Why to Choose Xaxis as Your Programmatic Partner

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    Xaxis is more than the world's largest programmatic media and technology provider with more than $1 billion under management, more than 4,100 clients, and more than 1,800...
  • Maximizing Your Marketing Impact from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us yet again in the United States. And, much like the smorgasbord that awaits the family at Thanksgiving...
  • Cyber Monday Goes Global: Why Retailers Need to Rethink Their Thanksgiving Strategy

    As the holidays approach, the stress of shopping and getting the best deals is quickly starting to build. Due to the convenience of finding sales...
  • Xaxis Increases Brand Awareness with YouTube TrueView

    Xaxis developed a strategy to reach pet owners and deliver measurable brand lift for a pet food client with a strategic plan powered by YouTube’s TrueView.
  • How the Election can Impact the Ads You See Online

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    With the election only days away, we invited Peter Kosmala, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for the 4A's, based in Washington, D...
  • Turbine Powered: Trueview

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    Programmatically activate YouTube Trueview in-stream video using audience data from Xaxis’ Turbine.
  • Xaxis Re-Engages TV Users Online with Interactive Rich Media

    With its understanding of the challenges that come with reaching relevant TV viewers online, at scale, with rich media units, Xaxis built the following plan for success.