The Brand Safety Edge

New Definitions, Understanding, Techniques, and Technologies

Programmatic media buyers consistently name brand safety among their top concerns in the digital advertising marketplace. Many expect it to grow more challenging in the years to come.

Marketers are also grappling with the need to define “safety” for their individual brands and campaigns, to enlist the best technologies and techniques, and to balance reach and targeting against acceptable levels of protection.

But defining “brand safety” typically isn’t the difficult part; achieving it is. It requires extensive expertise in dealing with technologies and legalities and in the vagaries of platforms, publishers, distribution, viewability, and fraud.

The professionals at Xaxis and GroupM confront these safety concerns at a massive scale on a daily basis.

To better educate our partners and colleagues on the definitions, techniques, technologies, strategies, and best practices at play on the cutting edge of this nuanced and evolving arena, we composed this guide.

Download it now for the latest intelligence, consensuses, and conclusions from the industry’s leading experts on Brand Safety.

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