1/3 of Polish marketers do not use non-standard KPIs

32% of marketers in Poland do not use KPIs tailored to their needs – according to the study “Global Outcomes 2018” implemented by Xaxis (GroupM). However, 13% global brand managers do not use them.
Originally posted in Polish at: Marketing Przy Kawie | November 15, 2018

At the same time 81 percent. Polish marketers believe that it is necessary to link the campaign with real business results, such as on- and offline sales.

Marketers in Poland highly value the possibility of campaign settlement for effects. 84 percent pointed out that the impact of the campaign on the achievement of business objectives positively translates into the allocation of the marketing budget. 79 percent claims that understanding how the media contributes to the implementation of specific business objectives gives a measurable advantage over competitors.

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