Advertisers in Latin America will invest more in digital campaigns

76% say that the ability to meet business objectives has a positive impact on the marketing budget assigned to the business. 80% of advertisers surveyed say that spending on digital media positively impacts business objectives.

Originally posted in Spanish on Tecnología 21 | November 12, 2018

Nowadays, the benefits of buying in digital media oriented to results through programmatic purchases are widely recognized by the advertisers of the world and Latin America (Argentina and Mexico).

To such extent, 80% plan to increase their investment in them in the next 12 to 24 months, with the aim of identifying their results in digital media from a closer look . This is revealed by the first edition of the Global Outcome  Survey  by Xaxis, a programmatic purchasing unit of GroupM, which offers data both in digital measurement and in the way of planning.

Media driven results are a marketing strategy that uses a combination of data-based information, market knowledge, technical skill and design of a customized media mix aligned with the advertiser’s final goals. In that sense, Xaxis reveals that, according to the research, in Latin America more than 70% of advertisers are related to the term “means driven by results”.

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