AI in Action E29: Rouzbeh Gerami, Director of Data Science at Xaxis

Today’s guest is Rouzbeh Gerami, Director of Data Science at Xaxis in New York City. Leading the Data Science team at Xaxis, Rouzbeh works on the development of ML-based solutions for real-time bidding with a focus on translating current industry and academic-based AI research into practical solutions, with special attention to deep reinforcement learning.

Xaxis are pioneering what it means for the advertising industry to offer simplicity and accountability to clients. They combine unique brand-safe media access, unrivalled programmatic expertise and 360-degree data with proprietary Artificial Intelligence to help global brands achieve the outcomes they value from their digital media investment.

In the episode, Rouzbeh will talk about:

  • His journey to joining Xaxis
  • Using Data Science at Xaxis within the advertising sector
  • Applying reinforcement learning to real-world problems
  • Challenges the Data Science need to overcome
  • Top skills you need for a career in Data Science
  • Leading the innovation-driven culture at Xaxis
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