Campaign and AMV unveil industry’s Trailblazers of the Future

Originally posted on: Campaign Magazine | October 9, 2018

In December 2017, Campaign published the Top 10 trailblazers for change in the industry, which included Cindy Gallop and Cilla Snowball among the key people going above and beyond to impact change.

This year, the top 10 convened to each nominate a further five people in the industry who are championing diversity, to make a full list of 50 Trailblazers of the Future.

Dame Cilla Snowball commented: “I was lucky enough to be one of the 2017 trailblazers, and we thought it would be great to get all the top 10 trailblazers together and see what we could do to trailblaze. So we all met at AMV and decided to start this initiative together.

“I think for the original 10 trailblazers we all felt a great sense of inferiority that we shouldn’t be on that list, so we thought it would be great to honour the trailblazers of the future who are out there in the industry driving change through their diversity programmes and through the work they are doing, for the campaigning they are doing, for the new ways of working that Campaign and AMV unveil industry’s Trailblazers of the Future they are displaying in an industry in a constant period of flux. We felt in awe of this huge array of 50 trailblazers.”

Campaign’s editor-in-chief Claire Beale said: “We do stand on the shoulders of yesterday’s trailblazers. But they were kind of all blazing the trail in the same direction. The people here in this room tonight give me great hope that the next 50 years will see lots of exciting trailblazers blazing in all sorts of weird and wonderful trails.”

The list includes:
Akama Obio Davies, Xaxis
To read the rest of list, go to Campaign Magazine.