Digital Metrics can Liberate CMOs

Campaign Asia consults Arsha Saha, APAC President about how CMOs need better benchmarks for programmatic, not more, to digest data and mark ROI in campaigns.

Campaign Asia | August 27, 2018

CMOs are now lasting just three-and-a-half years in their jobs—much shorter than their C-suite colleagues—according to a Spencer Stuart research study.

The rationale driving this downward trend is grounded in digital metrics, which have become confusing, abundant, and dead weight dragging down the CMO role. Unfortunately, we’ve complicated our ecosystem by creating more and more acronyms that, while shiny on the surface, are quite empty when they’re under the magnifying glass.

With such a slew of measurement systems finding their way into programmatic campaigns, and a difficult data tracking environment thanks to the restrictive data giants of the world, accountability is also suffering, “The industry hasn’t been able to break down these walled gardens in order to track a user journey, or work in a constant narrative to measure what attribution or conversion really looks like,” says Arshan Saha, president APAC at Xaxis. He goes on, “Over the last two to three years the programmatic value chain has only gotten more complicated, and it’s also become slightly broken. When I say ‘broken’, I meant the trust from CMOs has reduced.”

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