The best digital marketing stats we’ve seen this week

This week’s selection of stats has arrived for your reading pleasure. The roundup includes news about voice search, print vs online promo, user expectations, and more.
The roundup includes news about voice search, print vs online promo, user expectations, and more. Swing by the Internet Statistics Database while you’re at it – there’s loads to dig into.

Originally posted on Econsultancy | by Nikki Gilliland November 9, 2018

Print and online promotions impact customers in the same way

A new study by the Journal of Advertising Research has revealed that print flyers and online promotional communication has the same impact upon purchase behaviour and memory.

9,000 participants were put into three groups for the experiment, which included online flyers delivered via email, print flyers delivered home, and no flyers.

The results found that participants responded equally to both online flyers and print flyers, indicating that reach and cost should be key considerations for where brands invest. 

Custom KPIs used by almost nine in 10 UK marketers

Xaxis has discovered that UK marketers are under increasing pressure to link marketing activity with business objectives.

In a survey of 250 brand marketers, 86% said they now use custom KPIs to link marketing activity with business objectives, compared with 24% of marketers still relying on click-through rates as their primary metric.

Eighty one percent of brand marketers also said they feel it is essential for digital campaigns to drive a direct correlation with business outcomes, with 77% agreeing that they see a positive impact on their marketing budget if objectives are met. Meanwhile, 76% believe the understanding gives them measurable competitive advantage within the market.

On the back of this knowledge, 81% of digital marketers are looking to increase investment in outcome-driven media based on custom KPIs in the next 12 to 24 months.

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