From media-centric approach to user-centric focus

How programmatic is redefining digital media buying

In the past, advertising was a time-consuming exchange between multiple stakeholders that offered a half-hearted user experience. But today, programmatic has given an innovative and highly targeted solution. Programmatic has changed how advertising is conducted by streamlining advertiser and publisher relationships through real-time bidding (RTB) technologies and automated processes.

This makes advertising faster and in some cases, more fair through deepened transparency to digital inventory. It has advanced the user experience by offering acutely tailored advertisements with real added value to a very specific person on the end of a device. Does that mean the days of traditional media buying are coming to an end, given how some agencies still operating through traditional ways? spoke to experts and agencies to know what programmatic is offering, which has led old school agencies to step up their tech game. They discussed how traditional solutions would end soon, giving advertisers more advanced programmatic solutions.

Bharat Khatri | Country Lead, Xaxis India

“We can measure the ROI of the campaign and now I can definitely do a cross-screen campaign with programmatic. We started with the automation of buying, selling, which was the essential job of programmatic and moved towards audience buying from placement buying, because audiences were moving across platforms and now moving towards the third era of programmatic, using AI and ML. Agencies will work on how they can use AI and ML in programmatic and make the ROI more business-driven and to better optimise campaigns,” said Bharat Khatri, Country Lead, Xaxis India Khatri.

At the same time, he said traditional agencies are still operating on the purchasing power type of concept. However, what matters is how agencies can help brands set up clear parameters on each platform and help run a campaign for brands, to deliver the best media outcome. And because of this, he said, the days of traditional media buying are definitely coming to an end.

Ultimately, programmatic has shifted the focus of advertising from a media-centric approach to a user-centric approach, which was missing in traditional advertising. In the past, advertising focused purely on channels, based on assumptions around where the target audience would be — while only allowing scattered and incomplete results.

Changing the concept of media buying to audience buying

With the proliferation of connected devices, understanding audiences and their behaviours have become critical for brands. Consumers today are bombarded with a multitude of online options and can easily switch from one to another, so a tailored UX (user experience) is key.

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